Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Free Cloud DB

I was looking for a free cloud database for my online applications, and to play around with a bit, and found a few solutions.

One was Oracle. My background is Oracle, and it's by far the best database there is. Unfortunately, their cloud solutions doesn't seem to be quite ready yet. You can register, but don't get a cloud database to play with. Yet... As soon as Oracle cloud is up and running, I'll check it out and make a post about it.

We continued our search then. I figured there wouldn't be any free Oracle cloud database, so I extended my reach to all databases. I stumbled upon Xeround. They seem to provide a free MySQL solution. Which basically is Oracle as well, since they acquired Sun. So I signed up, and created a DB instance. Apparantly, instances up to 10MB are free. There are payed solutions if you want more capacity. But for the stuff I'll be doing, 10MB of data will be more then enough.

The creation of an instance took a few minutes, but once finished, my database was up and running. It comes with a very convenient phpMyAdmin online console to manage the database and execute queries. So far, it looks like a very decent solution. Later on, I'll try to use the database in an application!

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