Thursday, March 1, 2012

ADF @ KnowledgeBlackBelt

Ever heard of KnowledgeBlackBelt? It used to be BlackBeltFactory. Doesn't sound familiar either? Perhaps JavaBlackBelt then? I'm sure that rings a bell to a lot of Java-oriented developers. Well, it's all the same site, it just has changed name (and layout) a few times over the years.

 In short, KnowledgeBlackBelt is a Java Learning & Certification community. Everyone can join and take free exams to gain grades. There are even courses (both free and paid) that handle certain topics and prepare you to take those exams. New users start out with a white belt, and eventually, after taking courses, exams and contributing to the community, they can become a Black Belt.

 I'm a contributor to the KnowledgeBlackBelt community. I have earned a brown belt over the years, and I'm the leader and moderator of the ADF Business Components exam. Check out the exam, and the entire concept that is KnowledgeBlackBelt. Learn, gain experience and get better at what you do.

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