Wednesday, March 7, 2012

ADF 11g: Move Task Flow to another folder

Users of JDeveloper know it: on a lot of files, you can right click, choose the option "Refactor", and select "Move". But not so for task flows (at least not in JDev If you want to move a task flow to another folder, you have to recreate it. For new flows, this isn't too hard, but for flows that have a lot of activities, actions and method calls, this can be a lot of work. To get the job done without having to recreate the entire task flow, follow these 2 easy steps:

  • Move the task flow definition XML file (under WEB-INF ) to the correct folder
  • Move the task flow diagram files (.adfc_diagram) to the correct folder. They can be found under the model/WEB-INF folder in your ViewConrtroller project
  • Change the DataBindings.cpx file to reflect the changes
That's it!

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