Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Oracle Open World - tuesday

This day, I have done a lot of sessions on something I've been waiting for for quite a while: ADF Mobile. I won't discuss each session seperately (since it's all on the same topic), but I'll just give my general view.

First, it's worth noting that ADF Mobile really looks promising. The idea that you develop 1 application and then deploy it to different platforms, is really good. You build an app, then deploy it to Apple's App Store or Google's Play. Or both. Without having to deal with either Android specific stuff or Objective C. Pretty neat. Also, ADF Mobile makes sure your app is future proof. If Windows 8 turns out to be a huge hit, or any other OS that might appear in the future, ADF Mobile will have support for it.

All of this is possible because of an HTML5-based user interface. Below that, ADF Mobile uses PhoneGap to acces the device specific services. Build once, deploy everywhere. I did an hands-on session today, where we built a simple ADF Mobile app and deployed it to both iOS and Android, and I must say it works pretty good. The look and feel is generally the same and all of the functionality you build in is available in both versions.

Apart from that, I've seen quite a few demos on ADF Mobile. Or rather: demo. All presentations use the same demo app. I must admit, it looks definitely great, but seeing the same stuff over and over again gets dull after a while. Therefore I was very happy to see a real-world application demo by Infosys. They have built a mobile app using ADF Mobile for one of their customers. It's good to see the theory also appears to work in a real business usescase. The app also looked good, so I'm even more eager to get started with ADF Mobile myself now!

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