Thursday, October 4, 2012

Oracle Open World - thursday

Last day of the conference... Not a lot of sessions today (only 1 and the Java community keynote), but we've subscribed to a trip to Oracle HQ this afternoon. We're getting a tour in their usability labs.

But first things first. I started my day with the Java community keynote. It was mainly about innovation, and some cool demos of robots (by Perrone Robotics) were given. In the end, James Gosling entered the stage and showed us what he is currently doing: Liquid Robotics. Medium-sized robots that roam the seas and gather data.

Then I went to an ADF session by Eugene Fedorenko. He took us through the process of developing an ADF application. During his 'deep dive', he showed us how to programatically create entities and view objects, end display them on the screen. I found it a bit odd to do everything programatically, instead of using the declarative strength of the framework, but I'm sure that in some cases this will turn out to be the best way.

On to Redwood City then. Oracle took us on a tour in their usability labs. They showed us how their apps are tested and evaluated using some advanced eye-reading techniques. An interesting afternoon, as closure for a very interesting conference. I learned a lot, saw some very nice demos and met interesting people. All in the lovely setting of San Francisco.

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