Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Oracle ADF Essentials

Oracle has released ADF Essentials: a free to develop and deploy core version of their Application Development Framework.

What is included in Oracle ADF Essentials?

According to the documentation, Oracle ADF Essentials includes the following Oracle ADF components: Oracle ADF Faces Rich Client Components, Oracle ADF Controller, Oracle ADF Model and Oracle ADF Business Components.

The following functionality, however, is not included in Oracle ADF Essentials, and requires the full Oracle ADF version: Oracle ADF Mobile, Oracle ADF Desktop Integration, Oracle ADF Security, The Oracle ADF Web service data control, Oracle ADF remote taskflows, Oracle ADF Business Component’s Service Interfaces, Oracle ADF Data Controls for BI, Essbase and BAM, Integration with Oracle Fusion Middleware features such as MDS, OPSS, OWSM, Enterprise Manager and MBeans, High Availability and Clustering.

All in all a good base to start from! We now await their cloud solution, so we can develop and deploy our ADF applications in the cloud.

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  1. Is there any way to deploy ADF web application into google appengine ?