Wednesday, September 12, 2012

ADF analyzed by Gartner

Gartner has recently published their analysis of Oracle's Application Development Framework. And while the general feelings towards ADF are rather hesitating, the Gartner conclusion is overall very positive. Of course, ADF is tightly coupled with Oracle's Fusion Middleware stack and JDeveloper (although an Eclipse plugin is available). But just because of those reasons, you can count on Oracle to continue developing and supporting ADF in the future.

A special mention goes to the MetaData Services provided in Fusion Middleware. It's an engine that allows users to personalize their own web-experience. Much like portals intend to do, but then in 'a regular' web application. It allows runtime customization of the look-and-feel, per user, group of users or the entire application.

Further, Gartner looks forward to the much anticipated ADF Mobile. They expect it to ship with the 12c release of ADF. As you could see earlier on my blog, I'm attending OpenWorld this year, and I hope to see some more details about ADF Mobile there.

So all in all a positive review of ADF. Let's hope customers also see the added value of the framework, and at least consider adapting it. Especially when an Oracle stack is already present, the step to start using ADF is not very big.

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  1. Hi Stijn,
    I have had an opportunity to work with Oracle ADF for about a year. My overall experience regarding Oracle ADF is one of disappointment. I have written about this here
    I will be very interested in your thoughts in this regard.

    Keep well