Friday, June 14, 2013

Eclipse cannot run program javaw.exe

Yesterday, I checked out a project from SVN, I ran mvn eclipse:eclipse and imported it into my IDE. So far so good, everything compiled, Maven could run all the tests, all was well.

But then I tried to run a JUnit test in Eclipse. I kept getting a strange error about Eclipse not being able to run javaw.exe in my project-folder. After some Googling, I found that the underlying error that causes this problem, was of an entirely different nature: Windows has a character limit to command line statements. And since Eclipse assembles the classpath itself to pass it on as a launch parameter, the command line character limit got violated.

I now knew what was causing the error, but fixing it didn't seem that simple. I tried to remove all unnecessary libraries (there weren't a lot), but the problem persisted. So I changed to drastic measures: I moved my Maven repository to a folder directly at my C:\ disk. The path was about 30 characters shorter than before, but since Eclipse was adding a whole lot of Maven libraries to my classpath, it made a huge difference.

After that, I could run my JUnit test without any problems. I suppose I'm safe for now, but what will happen when we add even more libraries to the project? It's possible that at a given point, the classpath will be too long for even the shortest possible repo-path you can get. And then what? Switching to Linux could be an option, but during my quest to solve this problem, I also read that IntelliJ has better support for this. So going there could be an option too. Or I could just write/wait for an Eclipse plugin that deals with this problem...

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